Britain enjoys revival of pilgrimages

By Stephen Beard

‘The ancient practice of making pilgrimages — which began to dwindle in Europe after the Reformation — has staged an extraordinary comeback in recent years. Most spectacularly, in France and Spain. Since the 1980s the numbers beating a path to the famous shrine of St. James at Santiago de Compostella in northwest Spain has grown by 12,000 percent…’

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Guy Hayward on “Britain’s Ancient Tracks” with Tony Robinson (Season 2)

‘Guy from the British Pilgrimage Trust meets Tony Robinson on Channel 4, and sings to him the oldest English song with words and music written down together in c. 1160 - 'Sainte Marie' by Saint Godric of Finchale - before taking him to the oldest and largest stone cross on Dartmoor - Nun's Cross - mentioned in the 1240 Perambulation of the Forest of Dartmoor…’

BBC Radio 4 ‘Making History’ on South Downs May Pilgrimage

Clips of Guy on Pilgrimage to Santiago BBC2 TV Series